Picking wild mushrooms in mountain Mitsikeli

Mountain Mitsikeli is only a short ride away from Ioannina city. It is the mountain that is reflected in lake Pamvotis, giving you the feeling that you could touch it, it is the “natural wall” that separates Ioannina basin from Zagorochoria.

The south mountain slope is covered by Quercus coccifera, Juniperus oxycedrus, Phlomis fruticosa, Pinus nigra, Cupressus, Fraxinus ornus, Corylus etc. In the other side, at the north slope, Abies borisii-regis are growing, mixed with Quercus pubescens, beeches etc.

The vegetation diversity makes Mitsikeli a paradise place for mushrooms, as fungi interact with many different species of plants.

On grassland, above 800m-1000m altitude, in the places where usually the sheep are shepherded, when the conditions are proper for mushrooms growing, many beautiful and colorful grassland mushrooms can be found, such as Macrolepiota procera, Agaricus sp. Marasmius oreades, Hygrophorus sp. etc.

Under conifers, someone can come across Lactarius deliciosus, Lactarius semisanguifluus, Suillus sp. Russula sp. Near Quercus coccifera and Juniperus oxycedrus trees, Amanita caesarea, pantherina, rubescens, Leccinellum Lepidum, Hygrophorus Russula can be found.

If someone wants to search for Boletus, Cantharellus and Morels, he can go to the thick forest on the northern slope of the Mountain, at Zagorochoria.

In addition to the aforementioned species, many other species of mushrooms grow, some edible but also innumerable inedible which, though every amateur photographer would like to capture their beauty, no forager would put them in his basket.

Excursions that respect nature are the proper “medicine” boosting our overall health, mood and mental clarity.

Epirus nature invites everybody to explore its beauty!

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