Description of Mushring

Description of Mushring

MUSHRING An Intelligent Tool For Forecasting Wild Mushrooms Fruiting

Mushring provides timely and reliable wild mushrooms fruiting forecast maps

  • for up to 8 days ahead
  • for a broad region of the globe, comprising the continents of Europe, Asia and North America

Forecast maps are updated daily at 07:00 UTC

  • (UTC+00:00 Dublin, Lisbon, London)
  • (UTC+01:00 Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Brussels, Madrid, Paris)
  • (UTC+02:00 Athens, Bucharest, Sofia, Instanbul)
  • (UTC+03:00 Moscow, Volgograd, Tehran)
  • (UTC+04:00 Yerevan, Tbilisi (Tiflis), Dubai)
  • (UTC+05:00 Male, Karachi, Tashkent)
  • (UTC+05:30 New Delhi, Calcutta, Colombo)
  • (UTC+06:00 Dhaka, Karaganda, Bishkek)
  • (UTC+07:00 Sumatra, Novosibirsk, Phuket, Hanoi)
  • (UTC+08:00 Perth, Beijing, Taipei)
  • (UTC+09:00 Tokyo, Seoul, Yakutsk)
  • (UTC-05:00 Eastern Time for US and Canada)
  • (UTC-06:00 Central Time for US and Canada)
  • (UTC-07:00 Mountain Time for US and Canada)
  • (UTC-08:00 Pacific Time for US and Canada)

For the production of the wild mushrooms fruiting forecast maps special algorithms are applied, based on

  • accurate meteorological forecasts and
  • the multiyear experience of the Mushring Team on the environmental conditions that have to be met for wild mushrooms to thrive

Mushring is under continuous development and evolution, aspiring to become the ultimate tool for wild mushrooms fruiting forecast. Soon, a broader coverage of the globe will be available.