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From 1st of May 2018 and thereafter the first forecast day of mushrooms’ fruiting
will be accessible for free
For all those registered users who have an active Mushring Plan and those who will purchase a Mushring Plan until the 30th of April 2018, their subscription will be extended for one more month.

Below is a wild mushrooms fruiting forecast map
for a randomly selected region of Europe and most western Asia.
This map is accesible for free by all visitors of this page.

For a more detailed forecast for the whole Europe, Asia and North America
for up to 8 days ahead,
please Register as a user and get access to the Mushring Plan of your choise.

Colored pixels denote places where there is a high probability of wild mushrooms fruiting.

A large blue rectangle, with a point in the middle, denotes a randomly selected region,
where the probability of wild mushrooms fruiting is very low.