Cantharellus Cibarius

An edible, easily recognizable mushroom

Cantharellus cibarius is a European species and it is a common mushroom in conifer and mixed woods forests. It is also common in North and Central America, in Asia and in Africa too. It is an edible wild mushroom that can be identified quite easily, even from a not experienced.

Cantharellus cibarius is a medium sized mushroom, yellowish to white with gills which are actually ridges that are forked usually with blunt edges, having the same color as the rest of the mushroom.

Mushrooms’ enthusiasts start their search for Cantharellus cibarius in late Spring, after a rainy period. Sometimes, when the weather is very wet, the fruit body of these mushrooms might be very soggy with reduced quality. Depending on the region and the latitude, July to October is the period when Cantharellus cibarius fruiting reach its peak.

If someone inexperienced with mushrooms wants to start gathering Cantharellus cibarius in the forest, he should find a good and experienced company in order to learn how to distinguish Cantharellus cibarius from false Canterelle. will show you when it is time to find them and where to look for them.

Just like any other wild mushrooms, Cantharellus cibarius too, is not only tasty but also a healthy food. It contains high amounts of vitamin D2, which helps the human organism absorb calcium, significant amounts of protein, vitamin A, potassium, iron, chromium and eight essential amino acids, which are all valuable compounds for the human body.

There are many different recipes around the world for preparing a dish with Cantharellus cibarius. Some people use Canterelles in soups, other make from them sauces for pasta, some others make them pickles and others make them sweets and jams. At the end, in whatever way they are cooked, they are delicious!

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