Four Reasons to Start Collecting Wild Mushrooms

During the last years, people around the world became very interested in picking, recognizing and consuming wild mushrooms. The willingness, especially of young people, to explore the amazing world of fungi, grows rapidly day after day. But, what motivates that interest and what benefits can mushrooms hunting offer? One can distinguish four main reasons that can stimulate the passion for mushrooms.

Firstly, it is acknowledged by all that mushrooms have a delicious flavor and that makes them a very special food. Chefs use mushrooms as an ingredient for their gourmet menus, making their dishes unforgettable for those who taste them. On the other hand, with just a fistful of tasty mushrooms you can prepare at home, simply and quickly, a complete meal that every member of your family will love it. Remember, what tastes good, makes everybody happy. Besides, mushrooms have health benefits, as they are rich in minerals and amino acids. A meal of mushrooms offers great nutritional value, so it can be the perfect choice for vegans and anyone who follows a balanced diet.

The second reason is that the pleasure of wild mushrooms tasting requires an excursion in the woods, in order to collect them. This can become an exciting hobby, as the mushrooms hunting gives you the chance to explore the woods in your area, walk under the trees and feel all the sounds and smells of the forest. Having that hobby makes you leave behind all your problems, everything that stresses you, and absolutely refreshes you.

Another reason is that mushrooms hunting as an activity offers you the chance to make new friends and be part of big communities. Picturing a man collecting wild mushrooms in the woods makes you think that this might be a very lonely hobby. But, that is far away from being true. When you decide to start mushrooms picking as a new activity, you can find out that there are many communities and organizations related to collection and identification of wild mushrooms. Very often these communities organize seminars, excursions in the woods for mushrooms picking and festivals that everybody can participate. So, you will have the chance to meet people who can accompany you in your forays in the woods. Moreover, in these communities you may meet experts on mushrooms identification and learn from them all the secrets about fungi. All these people may finally be your new best friends.

The forth reason is that a hobby like that can ultimately become your new job. There are many people around the world who have been tired to live in big cities and follow a lifestyle that do not any longer inspire them. So, if someone knows how to identify the edible wild mushrooms, he can be able to earn money from them. Collecting, drying and selling edible mushrooms may give you the chance to live in the place of your dreams.

So, if you think that the time has come for you to discover the magical world of fungi, go ahead and give to your life a new meaning!

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